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classes - through metro continuing education

         Your Psychic Self                                                 October 17, 2017

         Past Lives: Hidden Secrets                                 October 26, 2017

         Self-Hypnosis                                                                              TBA

         Connect to Your Intuition                                                         TBA


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Workshops available

  • Finding Your Personal Success
  • Improve Your Body Image - without diet or exercise
  • Weight Loss Empowerment
  • Unlock Secrets of Your Past Lives
  • Expanding Your Psychic Ability
  • Increasing Your Self Confidence
  • Relationships

                 101 - How to Improve Your Marriage

                 201 - How to Stop Repeating Bad Relationships

                 301 - Raising Children

                 401 - Dealing with Grief

                 501 - Death and Dying

workshops & classes

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"Your subconscious mind accepts what is impressed upon it whether your thoughts are good or bad and responds accordingly."

Joseph Murphy.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Past Life Readings                           Reiki - In Person

Spiritual Readings                           Reiki - Distant Healing

Energy Work                                    Reiki - For Pets

Readings - Will Travel                      Reiki - Will Travel

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