Imagine how wonderful it would be to -- 

  • Feel good in your body again,
  • Move without pain,
  • Get up in the morning & know your body is healing,
  • Feel more energized,
  • Feel happy.

Possible Experiences During Reiki Healing

Physical -     chakras feel warm, rushing and/or flowing sensations,

                       vibration or tingling.

Emotional -   crying, sensitivity, release of burden, lighter, closure

Mental / Spiritual -  visions, memories, flashes of insight, knowing

                                      information, different smells, departed loved

                                      one or guides appear.

REIKI - Healing with Positive Intent 

Reiki Means universal life energy or universal life force 

Reiki Healing is a healing technique using this universal life energy channelled through the Healer's Palm Chakras to the recipient.

IMAGINEhealing that helps remove blockages and improves life force flow throughout your body, returning you to a healthier state.

Reiki is powerful but subtle when it flows into and throughout your body. It allows the energy to be absorbed and used naturally.

The more one is exposed to the active use of Reiki, the more one can sense its flow.

Experiences vary for each individual

A person may have some, all, a combination, or none of these experiences during their session.

The healing will still be received as long as the person has willingly accepted it.

If a person, for whatever reason, does not want healing - consciously or subconsciously - they can refuse to accept it.

As puzzling as refusing healing sounds, this can happen and reasons for it can be discovered through hypnosis. 


  • Sanskrit for spinning wheel or vortex.
  • Wheels of energy which spin, thereby moving energy throughout the body.
  • Energy is balanced, stored, and distributed via Chakras.
  • There are 7 main chakras which run parallel to the spine.
  • Each chakra is represented by a color.
  • Each chakra is responsible for energy flow for specific areas of the body.

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is an ancient language of India in which most religious and spiritual literature was written.

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