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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

spirits and ghosts - co-exist with us

We are on one frequency


they are on a different frequency.

Can we help them move on?


Spirit - Influence / Attachment


What do you look for?

  • lack of energy without reasonable explanation
  • you or a person hears unexplainable voices
  • memory loss
  • yours or a person's voice changes as they talk
  • sudden mood swings
  • weird physical changes
  • pet's behaviour is strange
  • you or a person always feels watched
  • appliances go on / off on their own
  • battery objects turn on by themselves
  • slamming doors
  • sudden, unexplained odor



How does that affect you?

The extent varies with each physical and non-physical relationship. It is just like any other relationship in that way.

Some give you a sense of comfort.

Some like to play tricks, like turning the radio on and off.

Some can influence your behaviour, get you to do things that are not normally in your character. Giving you a different personality.

Some meddle in your life - relationships, finances, opportunity, etc.

There are as many examples as types of relationships.

did you know?

Why are they here?

Lost, wanting help, waiting for a loved one, bored...

Some come to you because they are lost and are looking for security, love, or understanding. And for some reason they feel a connection to you.

Some want to help you. The see you in a situation or you are "seeking" help and they come to your aide.

Some are waiting for a loved one to pass, so they can go on together.

Some are kept here by the immense grief of a loved one.

Some are waiting and become bored and mischievous. They like to entertain themselves.

There are combinations of these and many more.

"we can decide whether we want to move on, or stay in this between-worlds area.

"Usually the spirit has a personal reason for remaining in this area; perhaps they can't bear to leave a loved one...others have unfinished business, etc."

.William Davidson

Insight 4 Success Inc.

Like blade of a fan

When the fan is on -

     you cannot see the individual blades.

However,, when the fan is off -

     you can see the blades clearly.

Just because you cannot see the blades does not mean they are not there.

AND some people can see the blades even when the fan is ON.