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          A man stood before me holding a flaming torch. With a familiar

          motion, he drew back his arm and threw the torch high into the air. As I followed its arc across the sky, I watched in horror as it ignited the oil-soaked wood. There in the center of a large fire stood a lone woman bound to a pole.

           I finally said, “Emma, you were an executioner.

Follow the journey of real-life individuals as they search for their own life lessons. See how souls create repetitive situations in hopes of answering questions that transcend time and space. See how far a soul will go and what scenarios it will voluntarily expose its physical being to, so it can finally understand. 

Travel back in time to World War II Pearl Harbor, the slave trade in Europe, and The Great Chicago Fire. See how a woman’s dream trip to South America left her haunted by memories of destruction and violence from another lifetime. 

Discover how unresolved life lessons influence your everyday experiences in this life and all your future lives.


The Portal to Finding Life Lessons is the second book in a series. This book builds on the first and encourages readers to search for patterns and connections in their current life and past life experiences to figure out what lessons their soul is trying to learn.


Insight 4 Success Inc.

"WOW... for someone like me with limited time to read -- your book had me riveted. 

I could not put it down.

I knew I was meant to read it and I felt deeply connected to it."

- Leslie Mckenzie

Ever felt stuck in a situation or a habit that you just can’t seem to break? Most of life’s challenges actually center around lessons the soul has chosen to learn. Unfortunately, the soul often finds itself stuck in loops that transcend lifetimes. What if there was a way to help the soul out of those loops? A way to break the negative cycles of unwanted choices and habits.

 The Portal to Past Life Insight offers a collection of short stories about individuals looking for answers to life's challenges. After conventional methods have proven unsuccessful, clients turn to a hypnotherapist and past life specialist for an alternative approach.

Travel back in time with these individuals as they collect information and discover how to identify lessons the soul is trying to learn. Visit Ancient Egypt, Siam, and Nazi Germany. Relive the Klondike Gold Rush, search for the Northwest Passage, and serve time as a political prisoner in the penal colony of Australia.

Find out how past lives affect current and future lives, and see how the soul creates lives in order to learn and grow. Know what to look for and how to find key information to address and solve issues in your own life.

Part humor, part inspiration, this book encourages you to want more. More out of life, and more of a connection between your physical body and your soul.

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"The Portal to Past Life Insight is a fascinating, thought-provoking, and fun read. LeBlanc is blessed with a talent that she has nurtured and channeled toward helping her clients dig to the deepest roots of their issues and circumstances. Page by page, the stories of others and  subsequent worksheets serve as a catalyst  and a tool for self-reflection and self-exploration by the reader."

- Anita Parker

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