-- William W. Hewitt

Hypnosis  - is one of the most valuable tools in the world today for the enrichment of lives!

Let me show you how to tap into your subconscious mind and empower you to create the picture you want of your life.

Then they said, "Well, we will sink his Divinity into the deepest ocean." But again Brahma replied, "No, not there, for man will learn to dive into the deepest waters, will search out the ocean bed and will find it."

Then the Lesser Gods said, "We will take it to the top of the highest mountain and there hide it." But again Brahma replied, "No, for man will eventually climb every mountain on earth. He will be sure some day to find it and take it up again for himself."

Then the Lesser Gods gave up and concluded, "We do not know where to hide it for it seems that there is not place on earth or in the sea that man will not eventually reach."

Take control of your life, it is uniquely yours!

According to an old Hindu legend, there was a time when all men were gods, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the Chief God, decided to take it away from men and hide it where they would never again find it. Where to hide it became the big question.

When the Lesser Gods were called into council to consider this question, they said, "We will bury man's Divinity deep in the earth." But Brahma said, "No, that will not do, for man will dig deep into the earth and find it."

Issues have causes and all the important information about these causes exists
       -- in you
Excerpt from:  A chicken to an Eagle

You need to find the pieces to the puzzle to see the true picture.

Why is it so hard to improve your life?

Now you know the real secret.

Stop looking for external causes and fixes

                 -- it's time to look within.

Your subconscious mind knows what started every issue in your life.

And your subconscious mind contains the pieces you need to solve the puzzle and create the improvement you seek.

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Then Brahma said, "Here is what we will do with man's Divinity. We will hide it deep down inside man himself, for he will never think to look for it there."

Ever since then, the legend concluded, man has been going up and down the earth, climbing, digging, diving, exploring... searching for something that is already within himself.