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"How in the world did you get into that?"

My answer is simple but the journey was not direct. My passion in life is to help others.

It is a scarce known fact that during the 1960's and 1970's a vast amount of research was done on the benefits of hypnosis in the field of medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, and government agencies, foreign and domestic, were exploring how the subconscious mind works and how it impacts the human condition. They explored how hypnosis could be used in dentistry, minor and major surgeries, retrieving past memories, eliminating or encouraging specific behaviours, eliminating phobias , and much, much, more.

To teach you what I have learned.

To let you improve your life like I did.

To facilitate your journey of self-discovery

    that lets you live your passion and

    be who you truly want to be.

Lynn Leblanc

"Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?"

This shows that most peoples' exposure to hypnosis is one of entertainment, usually through live shows, parties, or television.


So, where did the research go, and why did it stop?.

One might hypothesize that funding was moved to other areas which had a higher financial return - especially for the pharmaceutical companies.

Imagine if you could use your mind to cure illness.

However, seeing a C-section done painlessly under hypnosis is an incredible testament to what hypnosis can be used for.

why am I a hypnotherapist?

My journey begins with my hero - my mom.

She started her nursing career at 16 and some 55 years later she still loves helping people. She could easily retire, she hates winter driving, she hates the polities, but she lives her passion -- bedside nursing, her life's purpose is to help others. And she is excellent at it.

I went to University and got my Bachelor of Commerce to follow in my father's footsteps, who was an entrepreneur, but something was missing - helping others kept calling. I spent sixteen years working in the corporate side of healthcare. I worked with every department to get better products and services, negotiated multimillion dollar contracts, and even managed the regional warehouse. But still there was something missing.

Then my father died suddenly in an electrical accident. I knew I could not waste anymore time - I had to find that missing piece, I had to find a career that let me live my passion.

Hypnosis is different than traditional therapy because it allow the subconscious mind to be accessed and as a result one can find the cause of beliefs or behaviours much quicker.

The hypnotherapist is like a detective who searches for the cause and exposes it to the client. The client then is empowered to make choices or changes based on this new information. 

My passion is to help others

Accessing the subconscious mind is an incredible technique, which can be much faster than other methods to achieve success.

Through self-discovery I learned how to define my hopes and dreams. Through reading I learned "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction".

But ONLY through hypnotherapy did I know how and why I was sabotaging my success.

Tapping into my subconscious allowed me to understand - it empowered me and changed my life.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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did you know?

When I tell people I am a Hypnotherapist I get one of two responses:

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